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IF YOU DO NOT NEED A BROKER, but you need any of the following services, Bastogne Consulting can help you:

1.  Title Search. Bastogne Consulting will conduct a due diligence on title to verify authenticity.  This is critical to ensure you are dealing with the proper owner.  In addition, this will ensure there are NO existing liens on the title from a bank or individual.

2.  Survey. The process by which a parcel of land is measured and its area ascertained. Bastogne Consulting will have a survey a parcel of land if needed.  The service fee will be based on type of survey and size of lot.

3.  Appraisal. A professional opinion, usually written, of the market value of a property, such as a home, business, or other asset whose market price is not easily determined. Usually required when a property is sold, taxed, insured, or financed. Bastongne Consultling will appraise property for sale based on certain factors.

4.  Virtual Video Tour. Let us create a video tour of your property you can post on any website or send to potential buyers.

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